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Morton LTC offers professional supportive and educational consulting to help assisted living facilities meet and retain Wisconsin Chapter DHS 83 Administrative Code standards. Medication management nurse consultants at Morton LTC help facilities and their staffs develop plans of correction to resolve DHS citations.

Morton LTC flexible and affordable nurse consultants help document new policies and train staff to retain a new, higher level of service and quality. We can help you to:

  • Develop plans of correction to successfully maintain or restore compliance with DHS 83
  • Educate staff on medication management, psychotropic medication, drug diversion and ISPs
  • Audit medication storage at SNFs
  • Optimize admission assessment, development and implementation of ISPs
  • Mentor and consult on working with frail elderly, including clients with dementia, heart disease, pulmonary disorders, chronic illnesses, mental health disease and drug seeking behaviors
  • Provide CCDET-certified instruction for medication administration, standard precautions, first aid and choking, and fire safety continuing education (CEUs)

Working together to improve and succeed.

For more information, please contact
Susan Williams RNC BSN BC, Nurse Consultant
(920) 886-1824

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